Ozjet Flights to Bali on Shaky Grounds

mini-ozjetWell, it seems as though it has happened again and the fate of so many traveller’s holidays is in limbo, in fact, crushed. All those dreams and plans just gobbled up and spat out. I am talking about another budget carrier, Ozjet, seemingly in the hands of administrators with bankruptcy surfacing on the horizon. Note that this is a voluntary administration with hopes that the airline will rectify the situation and be back on track. Today I was reading in the Bali Discovery of the woes of Ozjet and I remembered all too well the times when Sempati Airlines curled up its toes and not too long ago with many people still bearing hatred, Air Paradise. This whole situation flared up last Tuesday when the Boeing 737-200 being operated by OzJet, failed to leave for Bali as scheduled. That must have been a horrific moment for those hoping for a delightful holiday on Bali being stranded and no holiday in sight. As most of you know, Ozjet is in partnership with Indonesian based Indojet.

So, what can one do to avoid getting caught up in this corporate greed that seems to infest itself so rampantly across the airline system. The fact is, there is nothing you really can do and you can be guaranteed that no insurance company is going to cover your losses. The thing is that these cheap fares are just that, cheap and with no guarantee. Sure, they are fabulous for families on a budget and a cheap holiday but we all remember Air Paradise. For as long as I have been flying to and across the archipelago of Indonesia and this has been decades, I have remained faithful to Garuda Airlines for this one principal reason; they are concrete and of sound business principles. Of course I pay more for my flights but at least I have a reasonable guarantee that I won’t get stuck in some place with no way out or being rescued because of the airlines failure.

For those people who have booked and paid their airfares for future flights with Ozjet, I sincerely hope you get your money back. We can only hope that the situation with Ozjet rectifies itself and the airline can trade its way out of insolvency so that all lovers of Bali can afford a cheap holiday on paradise isle.

Read the Bali Discovery article here.

Photo Credit: www.airliners.net