Old Images on a Lazy Day

ileftAll days in Bali are a lazy days as far as Candika and I are concerned. Chill-out, do nothing, perhaps go for a walk along the beach at sunset and after, imbibe in an ice-cold café latte. Just for fun yesterday I decided to have a look at some of the old prints I had taken over the decades; not just across the archipelago but also those of Bali.

What took my attention were some old prints I had taken back in the late 80’s of a cremation procession in preparation. The person being cremated must have been very important judging by the number of tiers in the cremation tower. After staring at them for a solid hour trying to think where they were taken, I scrambled through my old travel diaries for a clue or two.

All that I could come up with amidst the hieroglyphics that is my crazed handwriting on a crusty and dirt-sodden page was that the images were taken in an area not to far from Sukawati. As I read further it appears I had been walking aimlessly in the area and came across the cremation preparations.

So folks, if anyone of you were around the area at the time and know who’s cremation this was then I would appreciate you letting me know so I can complete my notes. My apologies for the crappy scans of the images.