North of Senggigi: Lombok

left1The morning light was shimmering across the blue water of the bay in front of our bungalow. This alone was inspiration enough to take a drive along the coast north of Senggigi to Pemenang.

Not soon after leaving the tourist area of Senggigi did the true value of this drive become apparent. Wide sweeping bays with the Lombok Straits stretched out across the horizon. Spectacular mountains on the opposite side of the road cascaded almost down to the golden beaches and in places, colourful fishing boats lined the shore.

On occasions the excellent road veered away from the coast but still in between the towering coconut palms the ocean was visible. This truly is a fabulous drive and along the road there are several vantage points with large parking areas, Ideal for enjoying the stunning scenery and taking photos.

Not too far from shore the Gilli Islands were visible and it is from Bangsal on the coast just north of Pemenang where you are able to catch boats to the Gilli’s. When we entered the area around Teluk Nara it was peaceful with fishing huts and numerous boats of all sizes moored just offshore including some rather expensive-looking yachts.

This truly is a wonderful and relaxing coastal drive and one that I would highly recommend if you have a few hours to spare when next you visit Lombok.