Michael Czugaj: His sentencing demands

Denpasar criminal court Bali. Chatting to one Aussie journalist off the record, he told me he thought Michael will get 20 years and the 2 head guys will get death. He said that Michael in many ways is the odd one out of the group. A decent student from a good family, he probably just wanted to be a ‘bad boy’ but got too close to the fire. The rest of the group, he said, were low-lifes, one barely being able to read.

Michael’s sentence request is significant, because he was one of the mules, not an organiser. Whatever sentence is requested for him will also be requested for the other mules. If Michael gets a harsh sentence request, people like Andrew Chan are without a hope. All this activity must of been very entertaining for the Indonesians in the holding cell with the 2 Bali Nine members.