Loading my internet credit at Blueline in Kuta Bali

My home internet is a great thing to have when the power plays ball. The service is pretty good and means I can pull data together much faster than I can at an internet cafe, because I have my own machine, which I don’t want to haul around town.

Blueline charges me by the amount of data that is uploaded and downloaded. I but 1m rp credits, with a 100,000rp charge on top of that. I probably go through that in few weeks. Blueline’ office is located in the Kuta Galleria, on the third floor. They are open Mon-Sat from about 10am-5pm. Their office is quite efficient and the staff friendly. It took about 5 minutes to get set up with new credit and I’m good to go.

Blueline – Broadband Internet
Istana Kuta Galeria, Valet 2 #7

(0361) 769355