Kuta Beach scene Bali

The scene on Kuta Beach right now is busy. Who would think there is a lull in tourism with a beach full of people? The rujak (sour fruit, served with salt, chili and caramel) vendors were doing a roaring trade, and the beach massage ladies had some custom. All Kuta Beach vendors must have a licence and a number and can only work a certain part of the beach. Many of the massage ladies wear bamboo hats with a name on top, Tina, Susi or whatever, which is never their real name.

Visitors from Java descend in force, but don’t pack the economic punch of Aussies. High tide comes around 5pm and I often see locals and foreigners having a high old time competing for waves. Its a lively scene around sunset and good vibes. You can buy a beer or soft drink from the vendors under the trees and enjoy being in Bali.