Kopi Luwak at Excelso’s

1leeftIf there is one thing I enjoy in life it is coffee. I drink copious amounts of it and one of my favourites is Sumatran Mandehling. When I am at home in Yogyakarta, Candika and I frequent a delightful coffee shop in the Malioboro Mall called Excelso’s (pictured left). Excelso’s has a chain of coffee shops across the archipelago of Indonesia. I was pleased to see one had opened on Jalan Pantai Kuta next to the Inna Kuta Hotel.

Whilst in Yogyakarta Candika thought she would be brave and try a Kopi Luwak. For those not aware of this delicious coffee it is made from, well, Civet shit! Yeah I know, sounds awesome and makes you feel like throwing up at the mere thought of drinking it. Fear not, it all goes through a thorough cleaning process.

Basically Kopi Luwak is from the droppings of a Musang or Asian Palm Civet. The droppings are collected every morning, dried and then go through a cleaning process that is rigidly controlled. For those wishing to taste this lovely coffee you can obtain it at Excelso’s in Kuta and will cost you Rp8,000.