Kerta Gosa: A Photo Journal

mini-mini-goa-lawah-and-kerta-gosa-166Located about a two hour drive right from Kuta to the eastern part of Bali is Klungkung. In the centre of town next to the main roundabout are the former Royal Courts of Justice known as Kerta Gosa. The entire complex is known as Taman Gili, but the name Kerta Gosa is more widely known. Delightfully Set is a courtyard of ponds, the highlight are an elaborately decorated ceiling featuring the wayang style of painting. The gardens of Taman Gili, in which Kerta Gosa sits, were built in 1710 and are most impressive; the decorated ceiling containing terrifying artwork depicting good vs. evil being of high interest. The royal court at Kerta Gosa murals feature the Pan Brayut story, inside the Bale Kambang, located behind it. The Hall of Justice sports gruesome paintings highlighting what happened to sinners. Above these panels is the story of Bima Swarga, who goes to hell to search and redeem his parent’s souls.The style of the paintings is Kamasan (wayang) and has a 2-dimensional puppet-like appearance, as it takes its form from the wayang-kulit shadow puppets.