Jakartass points out the most likely events in 2006

Indonesia has many bloggers all chucking their 10 cents into the pot, about life in this country. One of the most productive is Jakartass who gives his list of the mostly likely events in 2006.

* Floods in Jakarta and elsewhere.
* Forest fires Sumatra and Kalimantan.
* Conditions in Aceh will continue to improve.
* Green areas will be replaced with shopping malls.
* The rich will get richer ~ and the poor will get less.
* A minor soap opera star will caught in flagrante delicto.
* Bombs will be set off in Sulawesi, Maluku and a major city.
* Fundamentalist Muslims will continue to pursue their agenda.
* More legislators and businessmen will be charged with corruption.
* Western governments will issue travel advisories which will be ignored.
Here’s my take on all that:
We’ve already had deadly floods in Java, so right on target.
Indonesia loses an area of forest every year the size of Switzerland. By 2010 environmental experts think all lowland forest in Kalimantan will be destroyed. Yes on fires for sure.
There are many aid agencies in Aceh, plus a peace accord has been signed. One would imagine this would mean better conditions for the residents.
Green areas will be replaced with shopping malls, tire shops, barns, you name it. If it can be created with ugly grey concrete blocks it will be made.
The corrupt and rich will get more corrupt and rich. Although President SBY is a force for the good guys. Corruption is so endemic, he needs 20 years to straighen things out. Meanwhile the poor will take it in the ass. (Same thing in developed countries too, the rich grabbing resources and the poor grabbing an eviction notice).
I don’t watch soaps. Flagrante delicto? What’s that? Some poncey dessert they serve at Trattoria.
Bombs, bombs, bombs. I’m sure we’ll have plenty and the trouble makers in Sulawesi, Ambon and Jakarta will carry on.
Fundamental Muslims have nowhere else to go. Its not like giving up disco and turning to rock. These guys are one-trick-ponies and will ‘stay the course’.
Undoubtably SBY will pursue corrupt officials and jail them. Its a target rich environment here in Indonesia, as almost everyone in an official job is corrupt.
Western countries will issue travel advisories which will hopefully be ignored. Let’s not forget the massively high level advisories for Christmas and the New Year. You would think Kuta Sqaure was downtown Baghdad. What happened? Nothing.
All in all Jakartass isn’t such an ass.