Indonesians not concerned with plight of Bali Nine

The situation of the Bali Nine has recieved a lot of media coverage in Australia and here in Bali in the English press. I wondered what Indonesians living in Bali thought about the whole saga.

Recently Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, Hassan Wirayuda reported that the Attorney General was being consulted about the sentencing recommendations of the prosecution. There is a strong chance that all of the the Bali Nine will be found guilty and some or all will recieve the death sentence. Mr Wirayuda said consulting the attorney general was standard for high-profile cases, but that Indonesia would not be swayed by the Australian government.
Wanting to get an Indonesian’s opinion I went for my closest option and interviewed Ika. I’m sure the Bali Nine does hit the local newspaper and TV news, but wanted to see if Indonesians themselves see it as a big deal.
Here’s what Ika had to say.