Indonesia becoming a better investment proposition

The Jakarta Post reports that a council of American companies is positive about the direction of Indonesia, for investment. The US-ASEAN Business Council includes companies like Coca Cola, ExxonMobil and Boeing. They all have interests in SE ASia and are stoked that Indonesian President SBY is going after corruption. Robert Haines, co-chairman said “One of the positive things we’ve seen from this administration is the activity the president has taken regarding corruption.”

The rule of law regarding contractual disputes has always and still is a major problem. SBY is a beacon of light for the honest guys and his efforts will earn Indonesia future investment dollars.
I know how it is here in Bali. Locals think its a big joke to rip someone off ‘kasihan deh luh’ (poor you), better luck next time, ha, ha’. Seeing the value in long-term business relationships, not ripping people off and actually having a court system that punishes those who are corrupt, is necessary to get Indonesia moving in the right direction economically.