Image of the Day: Lombok Sunset

It had been a fourteen year hiatus since I last visited Lombok; properly, having only passed through there on my way to other islands in the archipelago. The sister island to Bali hadn’t really changed that much apart from the Senggigi area; the tourist mecca on the island where most of the five star hotels are located.

Considering my visit was a relatively short one the decision was obvious as to my choice of accommodation; the upmarket Senggigi Beach Hotel. Okay, it was going to cost for a few nights but compared to Bali it was cheaper and, I had all the luxury amenities at hand [not that I used them].

After hectic days of travelling around the island, researching and photographing, it was delightful to return to my small cottage on the beach and lazily soak up the sunset from the perfect view of my balcony.