Iluh: A local girl in Canggu Bali

Riding out to Canggu the other day I was close to Echo beach. I saw an attractive young lady standing in front of a food and drink stall and realized I knew her. Iluh used to work at Warung Gossip in Kerobokan, along with Wayan, Ketut and Ari. I used to go to Warung Gossip a lot, but almost never do now because there are many other good warungs close to my house.

Iluh is working in Canggu for a villa company and says its a good job. The kid she is holding is her brother, which gives you and idea of Balinese home life. By the time a Balinese kid is ready to leave home, he/she has already spent years looking after other kids.
This morning at Cafe Seminyak I took Jevon and immediately passed him behind the counter so I could read the Jakarta Post.