Heading Home to Indonesia

13The time has arrived, my backpack is full, I have my tickets and, I am outa here! After spending the winter in Australia enjoying my usual hiking and camping activities, catching up with friends and rellies, I am heading back home to Indonesia tomorrow morning.

Candika was over here in Perth and enjoyed a post-Xmas spending spree and so it will be good to have some company on the flight. First stop will be an overnighter in Bali and then on to my beloved Yogyakarta and I am so looking forward to it. The culture is totally different to that of Bali and the city is renowned as being the cultural heart of Indonesia.

It will be a busy adventure-crammed two weeks there and then, a well-deserved rest in Bali for several months. I will be blogging daily from the island on the Baliblog as well as the Baliblog Forum. So, if you are in Bali over the next few months then it would be great to catch up with you for a chat and a cold one. As I always do, I will be staying at the Prawita Cottages in Kuta (opp. Aquarius Hotel).