Hari Ngembak Geni – Bali

1leftie1The day following Nyepi is a Balinese holiday known as Ngembak Geni. On this day all shops that are Balinese owned are closed with the only shops being open are those owned by traders from other islands. The majority of warungs and restorans are open and so are the Malls of Matahari and Centro Discovery.

What is special about this day is the Pasar Maja Langu on the beaches from Tuban up to Seminyak. Here, the traders are allowed to sell their goods on the beach. This once a year event is fabulous and always popular with the locals and domestic tourists as well as those from overseas. It’s a great family event with the market open from morning until late at night.

Yesterday, along with the hundreds of other people, Candika and I ventured down to the beach to check out this once-a-year market. It was fabulous with all the goods you can buy in the markets normally, on sale down on the beach. There was a plethora of kaki lima selling all manner of cuisine and drinks.

The relaxed atmosphere was great and well worth checking out if you are heading to Bali next year during the time of Nyepi..