Great Places for Photography in Bali

Bali naturally lends itself to photographers. Stunning panoramas at every turn, mountains and seascapes, the happiness of the Balinese people, colourful festivals and even the heady tourist areas all are perfect subjects for the budding or professional photographer. It makes no difference if you use a cheap compact camera or tote around a $5,000 DSLR with all the gear, the photographic opportunities on your visit to Bali are endless.

Over the decades of travel both on the island of Bali and other islands in the archipelago of Indonesia I have found some breathtaking subjects for photography and indeed, captured the images. People often ask me how many images would I take on a normal road trip and when I tell them around 400, they are astounded. It has always been my principal that taking photos of anything and everything [within reason] will, at the end of the day, surprise you.

Sure, you can look at the viewscreen on your digital camera but it will never give you an accurate idea of what the image is like. This you won’t know until you download the images to a computer. I have looked at images on the viewscreen and thought that the image was a load of crap. Some are, but others have surprised me. Even blurred shots can evoke a sense of place.

Here are just a few of the photographic opportunities on Bali: