Golden Century Restaurant – Tuban

1l1Being married to a Javanese lady of Chinese origin it is only natural that we eat a lot of Chinese food. Candika, my wife, is always on the lookout for good Chinese restaurants and, we found such a place in the Centro Discovery Mall in Tuban.

The Golden Century Dim Sum Barbecue Restaurant is located at the front of the Mall and has been open just over a month now. What I like about the place is the way it seems suspended over the steps leading up to the Mall’s entrance. The wide, spacious windows enable you to watch the comings-and-goings of people.

The interior of the restaurant is super clean and the staff extremely attentive. If you are a lover of Chinese food then the choice of dim sums, noodles and other Chinese delights will astound you and, all reasonably priced.

Candika and I had a selection of dim sums, pangsit (pictured below) and fried noodles along with a very tasty Oolong Tea. The Golden Century Restaurant is one of those must-visit places in Bali and trust me, you will be delighted.