Global warming and Indonesia

unfcccGlobal warming is the hot topic right now, with dire predictions from the scientific community. The upcoming UNFCCC in Nusa Dua is going to attract high level diplomats and scientists from all over the world, with the hope of creating a road-map to a solution. Indonesia itself has a vested interest in the success of the conference, not only for tourism purposes but because it also suffers from the effects of global warming.

Recent flooding in Jakarta may be partially attributed to global warming. The flooding, over 20 ft deep in places and reaching 1.6km inland was also due to a tidal surge compounded by bad drainage and flood prevention systems. Each rainy season Jakarta floods, the western part of Indonesia receiving more rain than centrally located Bali. Flights from Sukarno-Hatta international airport were also disrupted.

Indonesia’s farming and fishing industry, although extremely localized will also be affected by climatic changes, with some parts of the country struggling for water during the dry season. Bali has 4 highland lakes that feed rivers year round. Its intricate and highly organized subak watercourse management society as valuable today as its ever been.

With the UNFCCC to begin on December 4th, Nusa Dua security has already been stepped up. At intersections on Bypass Ngurah Rai armed police with AK 47’s linger, as they also do at Nusa Dua main gates. The road through Tanjung Benoa is not affected as yet.