Garuda launches 'Love Bali' campaign to boost tourism in Bali

garuda010606.jpgThis is great news for Aussies, because Australian residents who book a trip to Bali on Garuda, are eligible to win another ticket. You must buy your ticket between Jan 16th and Jan 28th and get them issued between Jan 16th and Jan 31st. Your travel dates should be between Feb 13th and June 14th. The free ticket winners will be drawn on Feb 3rd and you will be eligible if you buy your ticket via a consolidator, wholesaler, ticketed direct or retail travel agent.

The Regional Manager of Garuda for the SE Pacific is Mr Suranto Yitnopawiro. He said “As purchasers of all return fare trips to Bali (except industry fares) will be eligible, consumers of all demographics and budgets are included. In addition, our recently released Early Bird airfares will give travelers the opportunity to experience Bali at a time when prices are at their best, “Mr. Suranto stated.
“The “Love Bali” promotion will assist in rebuilding the strong repeat client base that recent events have affected, while allowing the opportunity for new visitors to form a relationship with Australia’s most loved destination .The promotion has been deliberately structured to stimulate the market in a way that helps our retail and wholesale partners gain a direct sales benefit. “
“We aim to reward repeat travelers to Bali, and to encourage new visitors so as to strengthen our overall business base.”
He went on to say “To maximize the benefits of the promotion to all parties, we seek the assistance of the travel industry in ensuring that qualifying Bali tickets are issued and supplied to customers so they can get their entry for a free airfare recorded within the promotional time frame.
“Until recently the Bali leisure market represented 12 per cent of the total holiday market from Australia. We therefore expect the promotion to produce considerable benefits for our retail and wholesale partners.”
Somebody is going to get a free ride!