Foreigners rights to buy land in Indonesia

Buying land in Bali and building your dream house is an attractive proposition for many people. It is not as simple as it a western country however, as foreigners are not allowed to own land. Many real estate companies will advertise that they will see you land you own, but its actually not possible. Most people either own land through an Indonesian friend of lease land for 25 years.

Expats in Jakarta have been multiplying and kicking up a stink about several issues, including dual nationality and land ownership. They want the law of 1960 changed so expats can buy land land and live in Indonesia as if if were home.

There is a flip-side to this of course. In a small island like Bali they aren’t making any more land, but are making more people. Balinese will happily sell you land, but what happens when peaceful Bali becomes San Diego, one huge stretch of villas and hotels that does not represent the island or the people anymore. Maybe having restrictions is a good thing in the long run.