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Flashback: Poppies Lane 2 – Then and Now

Whenever I have some spare time [and that’s rarely] I enjoy looking at images I have taken in previous years and observing how places in Bali have changed over time. Poppies Lane 2 in Kuta is one such place and so is Poppies Lane 1. Both lanes are patronised by travellers and tourists alike who visit Bali.

Poppies Lane 1 & 2 both connect the main thoroughfare through Kuta, Jalan Legian, and make an easy access to the beach long Jalan Pantai Kuta. I was especially intrigued to see in the images I was viewing just how many shops and warungs have come and gone over such a short period of time. Now, Poppies Lane 2 is a busy laneway with motorbikes belching out fumes but, it is still an amazing walkway to check out!

Poppies Lane 2 as it was…

And now…