Father of Bali Nine member testifies in Denpasar Bali

Lee Rush, father of accused drug trafficker Scott Rush, testified in court in Denpasar, that he tried to stop his son coming to Bali.

Mr Rush said he had a ‘father’s instinct’ that something was wrong and informed the AFP (Australian Federal Police) that his son was planning a trip to Bali, in the hope they would prevent him from leaving. Accordking to Mr Rush, the police agreed, then went back on their word.
Of course I was in Mr Rush’s position I’d be furious. He acted like a responsible parent and it backfired on him. The AFP wanted to nail the whole Bali Nine gang, and capturing one member would set alarm bells off.
Do you think the AFP acted in a legal / ethical manner? Bear in mind that the Bali Nine were involved importing heroin which kills people.