Es Kopi Made: Kuta

made1lNo, it’s not the name of a warung or a restoran but rather a delicious drink that will send you into coffee bliss and make you yearning for more. On a hot day I like a nice iced coffee. You know the routine of how most places make this; a bit of coffee powder in a glass, add water and milk then toss in a few ice-cubes. It’s refreshing, but…only that.

On this particular hot day we had just finished the weekly grocery shopping at Matahari and headed back to the Prawita Cottages. Parched and delirious for a cold drink we sat in the restaurant and were greeted with the beaming smile of Made. After a quick chat we ordered the coldest of cold ice coffee.

When Made returned with these two tall glasses of ice-cold coffee, I started drooling. It looked absolutely delicious. The coffee froth on top alone is pure heaven to drink and the flavour, simply out-of-this-world. As I slowly sipped the sweet, golden liquid I swear I could taste a touch of ice-cream in there. There are no words to describe the sensational taste of this blissful coffee.

How Made conjures up this liquid gold I really don’t want to know. However, I suspect a blender is used with everything thrown in and mixed to a heavenly delight. But hey, I am only surmising. Made won’t tell me and to be honest, I really don’t want to know.

Seriously folks, if you are ever passing the restaurant at the Prawita Cottages on Jalan Legian in Kuta and see Made there, then I strongly urge you to pop-in and order one of these liquid glasses from the Gods. Take my word for it, you will be ordering another after drinking the first. I know I do!