Dining with Meli at Jimbaran Bay

jim1lYesterday we rang an old friend of ours, Meli who runs the Internet Outpost in Poppies Lane 2, and invited her for a fish feast at Jimbaran Bay on the Bukit. Over the years this place in Bali is getting busier and busier and understandably so. Who could resist fresh seafood grilled over the hot coals of coconut husks.

We arrived around 6.30pm and already the beach was crowded and surprised me considering the rain we had earlier in the afternoon. The mutual decision was to dine at Roman’s Café on Jalan Pemesilan Agung. There are several warungs and cafes along this stretch but Roman’s serves a really nice spicy and hot sambal terasi.

Considering there was only three of us we ordered a large Snapper and a same sized Gurami along with a decent serving of prawns. Of course the basket of nasih putih was included.

After the requisite photos it was time to devour the feast. I particularly like Roman’s because after your meal you then receive a large fruit plate. What a great way to finish off a delightful meal!





Photo above: Myself, Meli in the centre and Candika on the right.