Denpasar Street Festival

17You would think that being so close to the end of the year there would be no more festivals for tourists except of course for New Year’s Eve. Although NYE is technically not a festival it is a fabulous time to be in Bali. However, I digress. There is one more great festival you can check out and it’s happening in Denpasar right at this moment. The Balinese capital is hosting the Denpasar Street Festival yet again and it ends on the 31st December.

What’s cool about this festival is that not only are the parks and public places used for exhibitions and the ilk, the streets are also utilised creating one huge party atmosphere. The good thing about having the festival in Denpasar is that is will showcase all the fabulous things one can see and do in this bustling city. With a theme of “Embracing Tomorrow“, the festival is sure to please all people.

Festivals in Bali are a great opportunity for the Balinese to showcase not only their culture but also their unique arts and crafts. As for me, I enjoy the traditional food!