Cars in Denpasar Bali

Driving in Denpasar is always something I loathe to do. Heavy traffic. pollution, crazy one-way streets and drivers from hell. Add to that the way the streets are numbered (1, 35, 194, 2, 386, 15, 16, 420 etc.) and Denpasar is enough to drive you batty.

Cops in Bali don’t have radios or much other decent equipment. I’ve seen traffic cops hitching a ride on the back of a motorbike, because there are not enough bikes to go around. The other day I did see a cop in Umalas with a radio, and you know what that means? Where there’s 1 radio there’s another. Bad news for people like me, who blaze through roadblocks.
The latest plan of attack for the cops in Denpasar in to introduce vehicle-towing for illegally parked cars. Price to get your wheels back is 250,000rp. Implementation of this will be under 3 months. I wonder what the ‘actual’ cost will be for getting your car back. “C’mon Boss, the fine is 250,000rp and you must pay ‘service fee’ otherwise take a week.”