Books about Bali: Rough Guides Bali & Lombok

1leftGo to any bookstore and there is a plethora of travel guidebooks on display to choose from to orientate yourself with the intended country of your trip. Most people choose the well-known Lonely Planet guidebooks and although good, like most guidebooks, the information is relatively out of date.

I have never been a lover of guidebooks; only using them for research and reference purposes. The occasion I do purchase a guidebook it is always Rough Guides. It’s simple; the information about places and things to see and do is compact and precise and, well-written.

The other day I purchased a copy of Rough Guides Bali & Lombok principally because I was interested to see how they have improved on the previous edition. Indeed they have with a more precise and colourful guide to the islands of Bali and Lombok.

I particularly liked the colour introduction section highlighting the basics of the island on where to go and what to do as well as a fabulous section on the 32 things not to be missed. The inclusion of colour maps of both islands is perfect for quick reference. This section alone inspires one to visit the island! The basic regional sections are still there but have been updated and are extremely informative.

There is an excellent section devoted to the culture, religion and history of Bali and a superb language section for those wanting to learn the basics of Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Bali or the language used in Lombok, Sasak.

The inclusion of stunning photographs for each section is a great addition. I particularly liked the way the writers have included colour sections on Bali’s handicrafts, volcanoes and ricefields.

Without a doubt there has been a massive improvement on the previous edition and the Rough Guides Bali & Lombok rates highly among the guidebooks for this region and worthy choosing over its competitors.

Note: It was pleasing to see that in the Websites and Forum section, Baliblog (now WhyGo Bali) features on top of the list as an excellent resource for information about travel to and about the island of Bali.

Also, BootsnAll Travel Company received a mention in the Contacts for Travellers with a Disability section and citied as having an excellent guide to travelling with disabilities.

Rough Guides Bali & Lombok
Written and Researched by Lesley Reader & Lucy Ridout
Published by Rough Guides
PP: 511