Benchongs: Part of the nightlife in Seminyak Bali

Many bars and nightclubs have PR staff outside to invite and entice customers in. It works for sure and there’s nothing that catches the eye like a nice set of legs. While sipping a beer in Galaxy I saw a tall, slender lady in the PR spot. Rather tall for an Indonesia, her slim figure widened at the shoulders. Finally I realized it was a benchong (transvestite). Funny thing was I saw this Aussie tourist come up to her / him from behind and give a little nudge in backside, smirking.

Seminyak has a lot of people from all over Indonesia who work in the entertainment scene, dancing, serving, PR etc. and benchongs are right in it. I remember Tu Bar had a benchong outside doing PR for a long time. Most of them are just doing their own thing and are pretty harmless I reckon.