Bali’s Forests and Jungles in Desperate Need of Help

For those of us who first visited Bali in the late 60’s and 70’s will vividly remember the pristine areas of Bali uncluttered by hotels, villas and the ilk. At that time, tourism was in reality only in its infancy stage. And now, with the advent of mass tourism over the years Bali’s environment is suffering.

Over the years the development of tourist infrastructure and the clearing of lands to make way for luxury hotels meant that there is a price to pay. At the moment no one knows who will pay the ferryman but something needs to be done to save the depleting forest and jungle areas in rural Bali.

I was reading an interesting article in the Bali Discovery that first appeared in Apparently, and this is appalling in thought, that25,000 hectares of jungle and forest lands now deemed in a critical state. Furthermore, it is estimated that, there is a need for 5,000 hectares of these areas to be restored every year.

According to the article, 5 years and US$9.55 Million are required to save Bali’s threatened forests and jungle Areas and that the provincial government of Bali is targeting to recover lands owned by the people by providing 1 million seedlings for replanting every year.

Indeed, for what most of us knew, experienced and enjoyed in the past is disappearing and unless these urgent steps are put into immediate effect then I really don’t want to imagine what Bali will look like in say 20 years.