Balinese Natural Healing: Boreh

boreh_doseIn Bali there are many techniques of natural healing and these come in many forms. The one in Indonesia that I know well is Kerokan and ideal for general illness. However, I was surprised to read in an article the other day about Boreh; a traditional therapy practised widely in Bali. I was hooked and after further research was amazed to learn the multi-purpose qualities of this natural healing.

Although some might find the ingredients somewhat bizarre considering their source, I was intrigued but not surprised, being used to Chinese apothecaries in Java. Boreh is pasta-like substance made from a mixture of natural ingredients. These include roots ginger, leaves, bark and other spices. The most popular function of boreh is to keep the body warm during the rainy season. But that is not its only usefulness. It promotes blood circulation and by mixing herbs and spices it can be ingested as a kind of body detox.

There are other uses. The ingredients of cloves and rice can cause softer skin or if you like, have a Boreh body scrub to get rid of those unwanted dead skin cells. With tis procedure, the addition of rose water acts as a moisturiser. This re-hydrates and cleanses your body. Amazing!

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