Bali weather: Breezy right now in Seminyak

Bali in the wet season gets some great downpours. The rain usually hammers straight down and I can walk in a storm armed with just an umbrella and stay mostly dry. That wasn’t the case late yesterday afternoon at Blue Ocean bar in Seminyak. The ocean winds came roaring in and bar staff had to haul in all the chairs, lock down the plastic screens and make sure the roof didn’t blow off. A part of my roof at home, a rear addition made of corrugated iron, came loose and was banging against the wooden joist, like a hobbo banging a dustbin lid. This went on all night and we had to get the landlord’s repair man to fix it.

Today while walking to buy nasi campur the wind and rain came back. I don’t imagine anyone is on the beach right now, although the bursts of rain are short. If you were planning on spending your holiday at the beach and that does seem like the go right now, why not get up to Ubud and learn batik painting, acrylic painting, mask carving or cooking class.
Here’s the 10 day weather forecast for Bali.