Bali Peace Park: Stepping things up in Australia

Since I first came to Bali in Jan 2003 I kept running into this larger than life guy. He turned out to be Dallas Finn from Bali Peace Park, the foundation that wants to build a permanent memorial on the sites on the former Paddy’s and Sari Club. Over the last 3 years I’ve got to hear Dallas’s frustrations on a regular basis, as well as a lot of ‘for your ears only’ info.

Chasing down the actual land owners of Paddy’s and Sari Club was a nightmare and trying to negotiate a sale price proved futile, in the case of Paddy’s. I kept telling Dallas to start collecting money, even if he didn’t know where the owners were or have a price to aim at. The project stalled a bit, especially after the tsunami and so much goodwill and cash went to help the survivors.
Parking cars on the site of a mass murder, isn’t my idea of cricket. That’s the deal though at Paddy’s right now. Annoyed Australians informed mass media, and this may have given the Peace Park a shot in the arm.
Dallas will be back this month and I hope to interview him and help his cause along.