Bali Nine verdict could cause a backlash

The verdict and sentencing of the Bali Nine could be just 2 weeks away. The court in Denpasar has been going though the trials, often pairing kingpins with pee-ons.

In the US the prosecutors would likely suggest a plea-bargain, where the ‘mules’ plead guilty to a lesser crime while co operating in the prosection of the ring leaders. Here in Bali its somewhat mixed up and there is an outside chance that the ‘mules’ could get death, while Andrew Chan and co escape with a prison sentence because they didn’t actually have drugs on them.
We all know that drug king pins don’t usually haul drugs themselves, that’s what the mules are for. No surprise Sukumaran and Chan weren’t found with drugs. Conspiracy means to conspire with at least one other person. In this instance there is ample evidence to prove Chan and co conspired with the mules. In a western country conspiracy to traffic narcotics, is a worse crime than carrying a single batch. I don’t know how the judges see it out here, but its feeling like ‘village justice’ when the judge is getting frustrated that the kingpin won’t co operate.
Here’s my attitude if I’m a judge. ‘Okay Mr Kingpin, we’ve got evidence coming out of our ears that you planned and organised drug trafficking. Right now you’re looking at death, and it will stay that way unless you co operate’.
Some people are predicting a backlash against Indonesia / Bali, if the Bali Nine are given death. I also think there will be. While I am not in favour of taking the lives of young people, its important to remember that they did certain things to put themselves in this situation.
Sure some of the younger member of the Bali Nine were naive, buy there is a limit to how far that excuse will get you.