Bali Nine hold their breath in Kerobokan Bali

The Bali Nine drug gang are holding their breath tonight in Kerobokan jail. One of the ‘mules’, also called the ‘airport 4’ is at court in Denpasar on Tuesday, to find out what sentence prosecutors are asking for.

Twenty year old Michael Czugaj is in a position that is most people’s nightmare. Instead of hanging out with friends, enjoying the outdoors and being with his family, he is locked inside Kerobokan jail. Tommorrow Michael will learn if the Bali court in Denpasar wants him dead. Conviction is a certainty, since he was caught with drugs strapped to him and has co operated. How much that co operation has earned him will be revealed.
Other members of the Bali Nine, Scott Rush and Renae Lawrence, will hear the prosecutions plan for them on Thursday and Friday respectively. Of course whatever Michael Czugaj gets they will also get. The more senior member of the Bali Nine, kingpins Andrew Chan, enforcer Myuran Sukumaran and financier Tan Duc Than Nguyen, will likely recieve harsher sentences. If Michael Czugaj gets the death penalty its all over for everyone else.
I might try and make it to the court. Actually I hope Michael gets a break. Shooting a 20 year old stupid kid won’t make the world a better place. I’ve met someone in the US who went on to murder a couple of people and get the death penalty (already carried out). During his time in jail he was remorseful and in all truth was probably no longer a threat to society. Michael Czugaj was not even violent.