Bali Nine drug mule's legal action thrown out in Australian Federal Court

Can you Adam & Eve it? Literally a minute after I post about the Bali Nine drug mules action in the Australian Federal court, out comes the news that their legal action has been rejected.

According to The Age, Justice Paul Finn said “It is now the applicants’ position that each of them, in their capacity as Australian citizens, has a substantiative legitimate expectation that the Australian government, its agencies and public officers will not act in such a way as to expose them to the risk of the imposition of the death penalty,”
“(But) there would be no arguable basis at all for any contention that AFP officers had a legal responsibility to warn any of the applicants either that they were under police surveillance or that they were exposing themselves to the foreseeable risk of the death penalty.
“Having been prepared for whatever reason to engage in criminal activity, the applicants would properly be regarded as the authors of their own harm.
“And the police would have been entitled to have treated them as no more than subjects of an ongoing criminal investigation which fell clearly within the mandated functions of the AFP.”

These guy don’t mess around eh? I can the judge’s point, but I wonder all the same if the Bali Nine would of been caught at all if the AFP had not informed the Bai police.