Bali Nine death sentence: Should Australia impose trade sanctions?

The Bali Nine will be grabbing the headlines in the next few weeks and we’ll hear more creative stories on why they ended up in Bali.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will again say they never met the others, the others will all say they were threatened with death, and all of them will say they did not plan to traffic drugs.
A article in the Courier Mail talks about the Australian government using trade as a way to stop foreign countries executing Australians. It argues that morally, the Australian government cannot back away from using trade as leverage, if it will stop the death of an Australian. It mentions establishing bilateral trade agreements, the WTO and says that while trade is important to a nation, its in itself is not always good.
Wouldn’t it be easier to teach knuckleheads to stop trying to smuggle drugs abroad?
Why should legitimate businesses, full of honest, hardworking people, lose part of their livelihood, so save someone who got caught trying to make easy money smuggling drugs. I feel sorry for some of the Bali Nine, actually the 2 youngest guys. I believe they are that dumb, that they could of thought it was all a lark. The rest of them definitely knew what was going on.
Renae had been to Bali 3 times in 2005 with Andrew Chan. She also claims he threatened to kill her. She came to Bali for 1 of 3 reasons, romantic relationship (not), friends on holiday (not), trial run (yes). Anyway if I was in their shoes I’d come up with some creative stories too.
Do people think Australia should sacrifice part of its economy with Indonesia, if the Bali Nine are sentenced to death?