Bali hotel security improving

Bali has a ton of accommoation options from cheap guest houses to the Ritz Carlton. This selection includes low end hotels that are either old and only marginally above a good guest house, and small independent hotels or villas, that don’t have a star rating.

Providing good security at these places can be difficult, but progress is being made. Now that we live in GW Bush & Al Queda’s ‘brave new world’, money has to be spent and time wasted on stopping cars an searching bags. In order to make tourists feel secure, and terrorists choose another target, Bali is ramping up security (or at least playing at security). Whenever I go through a metal scanner and it beeps the staff either wave me through or glance at my bag.
Anyway, the good news is the Bali Tourism Board, Badung regency and the Bali police are working together to improve security systems. They have a secuirty classification of gold, silver and bronze stars, to measure progress.
Hope this makes you all feel safer.