Bali during Idul Fitri period

Bali is busy during this Idul Fitri period with restaurants, streets and hotels full with people. Plenty of domestic tourists here with their families as well as international tourists from NE Asia and Australia. From my unscientific point of view, I’d say Bali is bouncing back.

Night time temperatures are still pleasantly cool, but I do get a sense that the humidity is creeping up a point or 2. Here’s a look at the 10 day weather forecast for Bali. Uninterrupted sunshine with highs around 32C.

Tourists visiting Bali often read about mosquitoes and malaria, bringing medication with them and stressing about getting bitten. Expats living in Bali just deal with it, using a coil, electric bug swatter or fan to keep the little buggers under control. I recently discovered a new method. Circle K sells an oil called Minyak Kayu Putih (white wood oil) = eucalyptus oil. I have asked Indonesians if it is any good as an insect repellent and they tell me it is only used for dealing with insect bites. My experience with the oil recently has been after using 3 drops on my arm and spreading it around, mosquitoes will not land on me. They’ll buzz around but do not bite. You can pick up
Minyak Kayu Putih for 11,000rp for a small bottle, which will last a month or more. Some people have a reaction to eucalyptus oil, but its got to be better for you than DEET or malaria meds.