Bali bombers had ‘to do’ list

Bali bombers responsible for the Jimbaran and Kuta Square blasts, were working from hand written ‘to do’ lists. Their instructor was the now deceased, Dr Azahari Husin, chief bomb maker for JI (Jemaah Islamiyah).

The list of instructions contained details of how to choose a target from discos, hotels and cafes. It also had instructions on how to get to the target and detonate the explosive device. You’ve got to remember that JI recruits from the gutter, they’re not getting Harvard law students signing up, and the people who do, need all the help they can get.The lists probably started off “Assalamualaikum, I am typing this slowly, as I know you are all slow readers.” It probably had sentences of 10 words or under and used very big type.

Anyhow the bombers weren’t any good at picking targets, Raja’s was mostly empty. All this information came to light because AFP (Australian Federal Police) Commissioner Mick Keelty is in Jakarta, liaising with Indonesian police.

Living here in Seminyak Bali, I sense the mood of fear has subsided. Not to say people were necessarily scared, but when your neighborhood is in the world media for terrorism it makes you a little uneasy.