Bali bombers curtain about to fall

The 5th anniversary of the Bali Bombing is coming up this week. The people convicted of planning and executing the bombing which killed 202 innocent people and maimed dozens more, are still alive. Their death sentence being subject to seemingly endless appeals.

Dust may of settled on the Sari Club, but those responsible for its collapse cannot rest easy. According to many media sources, their number is being called. Apparently with all legal avenues exhausted and no chance of a Presidential pardon, Amrozi, Muhklas and Samudra won’t be long for this world.

One would think this would be something to celebrate downunder, but the issue of the death penalty is muddled. First off Australia does not use the death penalty and is opposed to it. Second, members of the Bali Nine drug smuggling gang could receive the death penalty. Third, Australian Labor party foreign affairs spokesman Robert McClelland, spoke out against it in parliament.

I’m not as smart as Mr. McClelland. Feet first through a mincing machine would be the way I’d deal with Amrozi & Co, but I do respect cooler heads.