Another Durian Night

1left1As always whenever Candika and I are in Bali our good friends of many years, Karl and Arty (Foto left), are here on the island. This inevitably provides the opportunities for some memorable times together. What has become ritual between us all are the Durian nights.

Karl and Arty are the seekers and purveyors of this delicious Indonesian fruit and quite happily come to our place for a feast. On one particular occasion my brother David happened to be in Bali on holidays from Australia and I was eager for him to experience all that is Balinese.

The Durian arrived with beaming smiles from Karl and Arty and, on the balcony opposite the swimming pool the horny fruit was happily split by Karl. David seemed apprehensive at first but, like a good trooper imbibed in the fruit which he described as a tad ‘mushy’. After devouring a few of the sacs, David called it a night and marked it in his book as ‘done-that’.