Another day of suspense for the Bali Nine

According to the Herald Sun, the 4 Bali Nine drug mules are filing an action in Australian Federal court challenging the legality of their arrest in Indonesia. Australia does not have the death penalty and the law says they cannot turn over people to another country if that person is in danger of getting the death sentence.

That is kind of what happened here. They weren’t arrested in Australia, but the AFP (Australian Federal Police) tipped off the Balinese police. Whether or not there is a ruling in their favour, who can tell. The thing is they are in Bali, not Australia, so they are getting sentenced regardless.
The Bali Nine will hear the prosecutions sentencing demands this week. The attorney general has to glance over them, before that can happen but people expect this week we will get those. I talked to people at the District Court and one guy told me he thought the drugs mules would get 20 years, other people think it will be life. One of the prosecutors, Putu Indriati, said she had asked for the death sentence for Renae Lawrence, so be sure the prosecution isn’t holding back.
Sukumaran and Chan are pretty much toast, after not co operating and having other Bali Nine members point them out as kingpins. What about financier Tac Duc Than Nguyen? Surely he’s a kingpin too and should be lumped with the other 2. If I could wave a magic wand, I’d give the younger ones a couple of years in jail and the kingpins a few years with community service when they got out. The sentences they get will be nowhere close to that.