Alexander Downer to discuss plight of Bali Nine in Jakarta

Alexander Downer, Australia’s Foreign Minister is in Jakarta at the moments attending a counter-terrorism conference. Also in attendance in AFP (Australian Federal Police) chief Mick Keelty. Mr Downer will will be meeting with Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, Hassan Wirajuda, to discuss the plight of the Bali Nine and to ask for clemency for the 2 Bali Nine members given the death penalty.

Mr Downer said “Those sentences are subject to appeal at the moment, and of course there will be no formal application from them for clemency until such a point as their appeals have all failed, should that point ever be reached, “But, I will flag with the Indonesian Government that whilst we share their view that we must all be very tough on drugs and crack down on people who traffic drugs, it’s the Australian Government’s view that if Australians are sentenced to death, we would always appeal for clemency.”