A Side Track to Danau Bratan

1lGetting off the well-worn tourist tracks in Bali will afford some great surprises as well as some stunning scenery. The other delight is the adventure of driving on narrow, winding roads that at times seem to go around in circles.

On a recent road trip to Danau Bratan with my brother I decided to take him off the tourist-track and show him one of my favourite side-tracks. The road direct north that passes through Pura Yeh Gangga will lead you to Candi Kuning. It is here where you turn right and head inland along the very winding road to Petang. Along this small stretch of road you will find rich-green jungle growth with a host of multi-coloured bird life.

At Petang turn left and follow the road north past endless stretches of padi fields and vegetable patches of all shapes and sizes. About 5 kilometres further on from the turnoff at Petang you will come to a fork in the road. If you take the road to the right it will take you on an endless road further inland as far as Penulisan near Kintamani.

2rTake the road to the left and enjoy the road as it dips into valleys and surprises you with mountain views as you come to the rise in the road. It’s not the easiest road to drive on being very narrow with turns in the road that seem to fall off the edge of the earth. But, you will be afforded some spectacular panoramas.

Eventually you will return to the main road north to Danau Bratan not far from Baturiti. If you are feeling a tad peckish then not far from there is the Labhagga Restoran that also affords a delightful view into the valley and the mountains below. They serve a good buffet lunch with a yummy selection of Indonesian cuisine for only Rp85,000.