A Day of Happiness

offeringsA lot of regular readers of WhyGoBali and the Forum will remember a year ago this month my mother died in Bali. It was on this island that she wished to be cremated and her ashes scattered into the ocean. Her wish was granted and the celebration was a muted affair with close relatives and Balinese friends attending the ceremony.

A year on, we went down to the beach of Matahari Terbit south of Padang Galak where my mother’s ashes were scattered. The food and offerings were laid out on the beach. After lighting incense and chanting, I prayed to the God Sang Hyang Widi; then to the God of the sea Dewa Sang Hyang Baruna and asked that he be pleased with the offerings laid out.

After further ‘personal’ prayers it was a time for reflection and give thanks to the Gods for accepting my mother and caring for her. It was a joyous time. Unlike in most western countries where the death and loss of a loved one is a tearful and sad time, in Bali it is a time for celebration knowing that the loved one concerned has achieved final happiness and another life.