A Crazy, Lazy Day of Feasting

1l4Today was one of those days when we felt like doing nothing but enjoy the best things in life; good friends, good food and relaxing by the pool. It was a hot day with a clear blue sky and not a cloud in sight. A bit different to last night when Mother Nature offered up a spectacular light-show across the black night with stunning lightning.

We accompanied our good friends Carl and Arty earlier last night to a delicious seafood feast at Jimbaran Bay and really too much was ordered. But in typical style, what was left was wrapped up (bungkus) and we took it home. So today around the pool it was time for a continuation of that feast.

One problem though. When Candika put the bungkus in the fridge last night she put it in the freezer! As the rice was cooking and the sambal terasi prepared it didn’t take long to defrost the tuna, grilled shrimps and the red snapper.

When it was all served up, it was a ‘Groundhog Day’ feast and thoroughly enjoyed by all. After all that it was time to chill-out under the warm sun in the pool and enjoy good conversation with good friends.