3 Awesome Mountain Treks in Bali

gunung1lThere are numerous large and small mountains in Bali awaiting the adventurous traveller. All of them afford spectacular views from atop. Most of the mountains are best ascended in the early hours of the morning with the assistance of a local guide. All of them are spectacular at sunrise and thus the early morning ascent.

Of course you can start your trek just after sunrise but you will find it more arduous and taxing on the body mainly due to the increasing heat of the day. There are a few points to consider when trekking up mountains. A good pair of sturdy boots is best as it will give you better grip underfoot when ascending and descending.

Clothing is an important factor. Long-sleeved shirts and a hat are essential to avoid the heat. Most importantly, carry enough bottled water to avoid dehydration. I normally carry 4 litres but this depends on the mountain I am ascending. Utilise the knowledge of local guides to assist you is far better than tackling the mountain on your own and, safer.

batakau2rGunung Batakau: An extinct volcano for quite some time, this mountain needs to be taken seriously as the trek is quite an undertaking. Climbing in the rainy season is not recommended most of the trails are hazardously slippy. Best month is July but if you are a person that can take the heat, then trek anytime during the hot season.

There are several routes up to the summit from various places; Sanda, Wongayagede and Sarinbuana – the latter is the easiest trek and should take about 4 hours. The hardest trek is from Sanda and will take around 6 hours. With all these routes it is highly advisable to utilise the resources of a local guide. The descent should take around three to five hours depending on your pace.

batur3lGunung Batur: This is an active volcano and it is best to check with the locals regarding safety before you start your trek. Two of the best trekking routes are from Toya Bungkah and Pura Jati; both located near the shores of Danau Batur. These treks should take you around 2 to 3 hours and maybe half of that for the descent. Tread carefully on the open lava fields as they are quite slippy.

There is a much easier trek to the summit from Serongga. This trek involves a fairly easy walk and should take you around an hour. From the summit there are excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The previous two starting places will enable you to walk around the caldera of the volcano. With all these treks it is advisable to utilise the resources of local guides.

agung4rGunung Agung: Without a doubt the most serious and arduous mountain trek on Bali. There are two starting points for this trek – Besakih and from Pura Pasar Agung. This trek is NOT to be taken lightly and using a local guide if highly recommended. Considering the trek will be in the darkness of the early morning a good torch or perhaps a headlamp is a must.

Sturdy footwear is another must as is food and water. If you can get hold of one then use a stout hiking pole. The shortest ascent is from Pura Pasar Agung and will take involve 3 hours of hard trekking. From Besakih the route is much more arduous and will take you around 5 to 7 hours. If you are fit and healthy and enjoy a bit of adventure, then I recommend this route. It will take you around five hours to descend but, be careful as it can be dangerous at certain points.

From atop Gunung Agung the view at sunrise is awesome and more than makes up for the aches and pains you will be feeling. Take a walk around the caldera and enjoy the spectacular views from different points.