Bahasa Indonesia / Basa Bali : Words beginning with ‘p’

Visitors to Bali will see signs featuring words they do not understand. in the interests of expanding one’s vocabulary, here is a selection of words in Bahasa Indonesia and Basa Bali beginning with the letter ‘p’.

Padi – a rice plant still in the field.
Pacar – boyfriend / girlfriend
Padmasana – the Lotus Throne, the most important shrine in a Balinese temple found at the right rear of the inner courtyard.
Paduraksa – anther name for a kori agung, the stome capped gate leading to the inner courtyard of a Balinese temple.
Paibon – a Balinese state temple shrine reserved for
Royal ancestors.
Pak – father, short for bapak.
Palinggihs – palm leaf found in woven mats.
Panas – hot
Pande – Man’s name. A blacksmith clan held in special regard in Balinese culture
Pantai – beach
Pasar – market
Pasar malam – night market
Pedanda – Balinese high priest
Pedas – spicy hot
Pelabuhan – harbor
Pendet – special dance performed at temple ceremonies
Penjor – decorative offering, made from a tall bamboo pole with a special hanging tassle. Used for important festival such as Galungan to be displayed at roadside.
Perbekel – Local village official
Perempuan – woman
Plus plus – Tax and service charge added by restaurants and other upper level establishments.
Polda – Polisi Daerah, or regional police
Prahu – outrigger fishing boat
Prasada – type of Balinese shrine
Pratima – Small figure of God used in ceremonies
Pria – man
Propinsi – province
Puasa – fasting, or a to undertake a fast
Pulau – island (eg. Palau Nias), also called nusa (eg. Nusa Penida)
Puputan – Balinese ritaul group suicide
Pura – temple
Pura dalem – temple of the dead, used for cremations
Pura desa – village temple, used for village functions
Pura puseh – temple of the village founders, honors the village’s history
Pura subak – temple of the island-wide rice growing organisation
Puri – palace
Putra – male child
Putri – female child