Finding cheap Bali hotels is now easier

Sanur hotelWe’ve just added a new and more modern way to search for Bali hotels to the site, and we think you are going to like it. Now you can pick the city you are interested in and with one click you’ll see a list of all the hotels in that area so if you have a specific place in mind you can search for prices and availability with just a couple more clicks.

But better still, you can search for all hotels in that city on multiple travel-booking sites at once. You may already know that some hotels in Bali are listed in some places, but not in others, and sometimes the prices for the same place will come up differently as well. Now you can compare a few different booking sites to make sure you are getting the best deal, and you only have to enter your travel dates once.

We’ll be adding additional descriptions and a few other small features in the future, but for now we think you’ll agree with is a really efficient system for finding the best place at the best price with just a few clicks. Check out the new Bali hotels section.