Central Lovina – where to stay

Lovina on the north coast of Bali is a quiet alternative to hectic Kuta. Here are a few accommodation alternatives.

Feeling at home in Saraswati:
This lovely green, creative homestay offers tranquility, peace and quiet in the middle of Lovina. Hidden in the coastal coconut fringe, the compound is bordered by a small stream edged groves of bamboo trees. The beach is a short stroll away, through a path leading to the small settlement of fisherman’s huts. Relaxing on the terrace of your spacious bungalow, or in the garden, you can watch the flowing river below.

(0361)41 867
Saraswati’s 3 rooms are indicated by the sign on the beach side of the road, 2km east of the center of Lovina in Celuk Buluh.

Owners of Saraswati, Burgel and Made care for their environment. This whole issue seems to be a more appreciated subject these days, despite the maneuvering of senior western politicians to circumvent meaningful environmental protection laws. December 2007 is Bali’s chance to be in the world spotlight, as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference will be held here. Bali’s environment challenges are a micro version of the world’s a a whole. In Bali you are dealing with old fashioned customs and attitudes, lousy infrastructure, poor education, a ‘rat race’ of poor people climbing over each other to get ahead and rampant corruption. All that leads to nature taking a back seat and a beating.

Saraswati uses solar heaters and rechargeable batteries, turns organic waste into compost and serves drinks in re-useable bottles. This kind of mentality is what the rest of Bali needs. The throw away lifestyle has been well accepted here, unfortunately.

Sarawati has a separate kitchen and guests can order or make their own breakfast, enjoying hot and cold drinks, home-made breads and local fruits. Warung Bias is a local warung that supplies delicious food at a moment’s notice. Saraswati is a perfect place for families, especially those with kids. Saraswati can also arrange airport pick-up, day trips and other transport requirements.

Rumah Cantik
Rumah Cantik means ‘house of beauty’ in Indonesian. This fantastic homestay is hidden amongst luxurious vegetation. Set between village and rice-fields, you might never want want to leave. Rumah Cantik has 2 villas for rent, each of which is elegantly decorated, each has 2 bedrooms, AC, private balconies,

(0361)42 159

Rumah Cantik is quite hidden, so call before you arrive. Turn towards the hills in Kaliasem, just after the Octopus Garden. About 500 meters inland, a pathway to the left leads to Rumah Cantik. Local people refer to the homestay as ‘Rumah Kletak‘.

The upstairs rooms are the best for views of the rice fields. The owners of Rumah Cantik, Jette and Kletak, together with their staff, take great care of you, preparing daily meals and breakfasts with homemade bread. On a hot steamy day you can choose between relaxing in the garden bale, getting a massage, or walking 200 meters to the beach. If you require more activity, ask the staff to arrange a trip of north Bali. You can visit the market in Singaraja, take a hike in the countryside or explore the black-sand beaches. At Rumah Cantik you will be allowed to refill water bottles for free.

Rambutan Cottage:
Rambutan Cottage is another great place to stay in the Lovina area. Located on Jl. Mawar, it features a spacious garden, swimming pool and friendly staff. as well as its comfortable rooms, Rambutan Cottage offers 3 villas in well presented gardens. The larger rooms have small kitchens and a playground for kids. Each Friday, traditional Balinese dances are performed in the thatch roofed restaurant. The staff will provide program schedules for diving, snorkeling or trekking with local guides. Rooms feature hot water and AC.


Bayu Kartika Beach Resort:
Bayu Kartika Beach Resort offers very clean bungalows along a huge garden facing the beach. Trekking diving and massage are just a few of the things on offers here. Lounging next to the pool for a peaceful afternoon is another activity guest often enjoy.


Angsoka is centrally located in downtown Lovina. on Jl. Bina Ria. It offers good value accommodation, with a choice of bamboo bungalows or rooms, all set in a large garden.